WOTD 27/3/18 – Grandiose (and late entries)

Grandiose (adj) – impressive because of uncommon largeness, scope, effect, or grandeur

Lofty or grandiose goals may be daunting to chase after first, so it is important to begin with a good plan.

Bravado (n) – blustering swaggering conduct

Putting on a bravado about spicy food is usually accompanied by a fragile ego as well as a burnt tongue.

Thimblerig (v) – to cheat by trickery

To say that major lending firms thimblerigged the housing market truly minimizes their actions in destabilizing the economy.

Vanward (adj) – located in the vanguard

Vanward soldiers have the most difficult position to maintain in battle as they are the first to meet the enemy.


Personality is Fixed?

It’s very fitting that my first real blog post is going up later than my intended schedule, but that’s probably one aspect of myself that I think will be very hard to change. Today (or rather yesterday), I wanted to discuss an idea that until a few years ago I had a completely rigid view on, specifically, the phrase, “I think I’m the person I will be for the rest of my life.” Basing off my own personal and anecdotal experience, I feel that this is a conclusion that younger people come to (not to say I’m some old fogey). I thought this in high school and even after I had developed myself a little bit more in college, I still believed it. I can say now that I don’t believe it anymore since I have undergone a few more shifts since. What seems to be lacking in the reasoning leading up to this is wisdom.

Wisdom distinguishes itself from knowledge in that it’s earned only through existence and struggle. It can only be found through experiencing life and exposing oneself to many different perspectives. Wisdom humbles a person as it allows someone to not only come to appreciate their blessings in their current state, but in the best cases it fosters an innate self-motivation to recognize one’s faults in a constructive way and act upon overcoming them. As for myself, one way I’m trying to improve is to become a better communicator which is just one reason, I’ve taken to writing a blog. Writing forces you to carefully consider your point and in my opinion, a good writer is able to tell you the same point in myriad ways. I hope the real takeaway from this entry is that I think people should avoid believing they have reached their best self. Everyone can strive to be better, and that we should truly be glad anytime we are presented with an opportunity to change.


WOTD 19/3/18 – Hachure

Hachure (v) – to denote surfaces relief (as on a map) by shading with short lines drawn in the direction of slope.

Depicting mountains in pixel art requires the hachure of of the slopes so as to draw separations between other mountains in the range as well as its steepness.