WOTD 4/4/18 – Career (ALE)

Career (v) – to go at top speed especially in a headlong manner

Try as I might to ignore it, I am careening towards the scary world of job-hunting and networking.

Sensibility (n) – refined or excessive sensitiveness in emotion and taste

It takes a certain sensibility to recognize high quality food, luckily for me (and my wallet) I take a very utilitarian approach to food.


WOTD 1/4/18 – Cuckoo (ALE)

Cuckoo (adj) – deficient in sense or intelligence : silly

I learned that you can go cuckoo for things other than Coco Puffs when Nintendo announced Inklings would be in the new Smash Bros.

Rectitude (n) – moral integrity : righteousness

People who claim to have a strong rectitude usually don’t because good people don’t have to tell others that they are good.

Parlous (adj) – full of danger or risk

Jumping into the online space with any opinion is a parlous venture, but being met with constructive criticism can only be beneficial.

WOTD 27/3/18 – Grandiose (and late entries)

Grandiose (adj) – impressive because of uncommon largeness, scope, effect, or grandeur

Lofty or grandiose goals may be daunting to chase after first, so it is important to begin with a good plan.

Bravado (n) – blustering swaggering conduct

Putting on a bravado about spicy food is usually accompanied by a fragile ego as well as a burnt tongue.

Thimblerig (v) – to cheat by trickery

To say that major lending firms thimblerigged the housing market truly minimizes their actions in destabilizing the economy.

Vanward (adj) – located in the vanguard

Vanward soldiers have the most difficult position to maintain in battle as they are the first to meet the enemy.