You’re Not Doing Enough

I know I am the only one reading this blog, so I can’t exactly say that I let my readership down by not sticking to my schedule already, but Friday has clearly gone and passed and I have not uploaded an academic entry. So, even if no one else can be disappointed, I feel disappointed in myself. In the theme of today’s word of the day, I had grandiose plans and I faltered in trying to live up to them. I think the title of today’s blog entry is a pervasive thought among many people. It’s not even something that other people will tell you. Telling people about your activities and current plans might actually be met with completely neutral reactions, but for those of you who have “anxiety-vision” (C), these get misconstrued as judging or pitying looks which exemplify the phrase, “You’re not doing enough.” It’s a constant refrain in our minds because we are exposed to seeing so many successful people who manage to do everything they want and more which exacerbates our feelings of worthlessness.

An idea I’ve come across in reading some of Sherry Turkle’s works is that in modern times people have conflated being fulfilled in one’s life with being busy. Now, in my opinion it does seem that the most successful people are the ones who take on a multitude of projects and have strong time management skills, so there are clearly rewards that can be reaped from hard work. However, it’s important to keep in mind that taking on more than we can handle to try to jumpstart our lives is not a recipe for success. Start small and keep expectations grounded and with diligence, I think success is inevitable.


P.S. Shameless plug, but I plan on streaming on Twitch for some Splatoon 2 gameplay (Ranked or Salmon Rush) this Sunday. I’m pretty balls at the game, but I love the mechanics and aesthetic which motivates me to keep playing. I’ll planning on sometime between 12-3pm EST for those interested.

Personality is Fixed?

It’s very fitting that my first real blog post is going up later than my intended schedule, but that’s probably one aspect of myself that I think will be very hard to change. Today (or rather yesterday), I wanted to discuss an idea that until a few years ago I had a completely rigid view on, specifically, the phrase, “I think I’m the person I will be for the rest of my life.” Basing off my own personal and anecdotal experience, I feel that this is a conclusion that younger people come to (not to say I’m some old fogey). I thought this in high school and even after I had developed myself a little bit more in college, I still believed it. I can say now that I don’t believe it anymore since I have undergone a few more shifts since. What seems to be lacking in the reasoning leading up to this is wisdom.

Wisdom distinguishes itself from knowledge in that it’s earned only through existence and struggle. It can only be found through experiencing life and exposing oneself to many different perspectives. Wisdom humbles a person as it allows someone to not only come to appreciate their blessings in their current state, but in the best cases it fosters an innate self-motivation to recognize one’s faults in a constructive way and act upon overcoming them. As for myself, one way I’m trying to improve is to become a better communicator which is just one reason, I’ve taken to writing a blog. Writing forces you to carefully consider your point and in my opinion, a good writer is able to tell you the same point in myriad ways. I hope the real takeaway from this entry is that I think people should avoid believing they have reached their best self. Everyone can strive to be better, and that we should truly be glad anytime we are presented with an opportunity to change.


Hello, World!

Hey, my name is Farina Renais. Welcome to my blog! I imagine that this will be my longest entry since this is just me explaining to myself what kind of schedule and posting rules I want to adhere to. Ideally, each post will be no less than a paragraph as I want to achieve two goals: hold myself accountable to progress reports on some of my other projects/interests while also practicing writing regularly. As such, a paragraph represents a meaningful, but non-time consuming commitment to accomplish those goals. If some entries require more detail, then more paragraphs can be added, but at minimum one paragraph. I am using the definition of a paragraph which doesn’t necessarily concern itself with sentence count, but rather the full and complete assertion of an idea or topic. As long as the post is self-contained and can be understood without too much background knowledge then it is sufficient. I also hope to post every day, however, that might be something I work my way up to, so for now it will be at least twice weekly.

Okay, now that the formality of my posting structure is set, we can discuss what kinds of posts you will see. I envision this site to eventually be the homepage for my computational linguistics analytics company, thus the name LingoMath which combines my two academic interests Linguistics and Mathematics. Before that can happen I have a long way to go in gaining skills and training, but I hope to alternate between these two topics each week as a Friday post about an article or journal topic. Every day, I want to start with the Merriam Webster word of the day to get the creative juices flowing and craft a sentence that provides context clues to be able to ascertain the meaning. Tuesdays will be a general update of my life along with some more personal, aspirational discussions. I want to discuss my values so that I can look back on them and laugh at my naiveté, but without the context of politics since I imagine we all get enough of that from other feeds. Over time, I want to talk about some of my other interests, but I know full well what happens when I over-commit to something. Instead I’ll list these topics as a preview of what I might post as a reminder of what I care about: Knitting & Crocheting, Pixel Art, Reading, Japanese, Urdu, Toki Pona, Sign Language, Television, Movies, Podcasts, Manga & Comics, Tennis, Technology & Humanity, Environmentalism & ZeroWaste, Cooking, Video Games, Music, and more that I can’t particularly recall right now.

Schedule (Tentative):

Daily: WOTD Sentences

Tuesday: Blog

Friday: Academic

I honestly can’t imagine many people besides myself reading these posts let alone even finding my page, but this is meant to keep me accountable to the person I want to become. It’s an unending process and that’s totally fine because no one is perfect, and we can always strive to be a little bit better than who were in the past.