Life Update

Hey everyone! The last few months have gone by much quicker than I expected, but a little update from me is that I am preparing to take the JLPT N5 this year. I know that in the long run, passing the N1 or even the N2 would be much more impactful on a resume. I want to start off with a more achievable goal. I had studied Japanese in college and have been on and off with other aids in the intervening years, but I want to make sure I can keep it fresh for myself because I had always planned for my 30th birthday to be when I take a trip to Japan this coming April. I want to ensure that I will be able to have a good time, and even possibly get to practice being more comfortable speaking! In preparation for the exam, I bought a basic review guide that so far seems to be making this exam more of a refresher of my first year studying Japanese which is great for my confidence! This exam also does not involve a speaking component, but the listening comprehension is there, and the pacing of the audio is definitely much slower than natural spoken language.

I haven’t fully planned out my study schedule, but the exam is planned for Dec 5th which is only a few months away now. I think I’m very fortunate that I am mostly doing this as a refresher of knowledge because if this was going to be completely new, I don’t know if I would have the heart to do it. Either way, I’m mildly excited and hope that this can be a small goal to getting myself back to 100%!

I often look back at the kind of person I was near the end of 2019, and think how did this person manage to do all the things that they did? Almost speaking as if they were someone else when I am still that person. I try to remind myself that *I* was that person, and if I could do it once, I sure can do it again! 2020 was a rough year for everyone, but after all this time, and with the amount of support that I have from my family that tells me that I have the capability to turn my life in the right direction! Here’s to my past self cheering my on now, and always!

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