Mental Health Reboot

Today’s entry is focused on the day after an episode of self-loathing, depression, anxiety, etc. Once we’ve reached our lowest point, it becomes relatively easier to refocus our energies into the things that matter. I’ve found for myself that making lists of what needs to be done allows me to prioritize the important tasks. Ideally, these cycles of mood lows and highs will have shorter periods in between, which becomes more manageable to maintain a high functioning lifestyle. However, the longer the episode lasts, that list begins to grow exponentially which almost seems to start a feedback loop of negative feelings for not doing anything and then lengthening the episode.

I’m really glad that more people nowadays are more aware of issues surrounding mental health issues, but even then it gets reduced to “sadness.” I find in my case, it resembles quicksand in how struggling against it only exacerbates the situation. Everyone has their own form that their issues take, but what I’ve learned with list making is that taking care of the smaller tasks starts a momentum that at the very least gets me up, and at that point since I am up, I don’t have an “excuse” that my anxiety drums up to stop me. The very first tasks that I take care of are cleaning up my space and completing my step goal for the day. I’m sure other people feel the same way about this in that keeping a clean space is tantamount to the attitude that you carry with you the rest of the day. It wasn’t until college that I started to make conscious efforts to keep my space clean, and at its worst it’s a simple balm to a bad day, but on those days anything is bonus. As for walking, I find that disconnecting and going out and taking in the sights of nature puts the problems of the day in perspective. I feel the most important thing is to try out any number of strategies and see how it affects the next day because no matter the technique that we use, it’s important to remember that tomorrow can always be the day we can be better.


P.S. In the spirit of the title, I’m making some changes to better facilitate my ability to post as well as my goals for this blog itself. Starting today, Mondays will be weekly blog post which should come out every Monday at 14:00 Eastern Time. WOTD posts and Academic posts will be postponed until I finish school.

As for my streams I will continue to do so and will make it known on my twitter: @FarinaRenais

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