WOTD 27/3/18 – Grandiose (and late entries)

Grandiose (adj) – impressive because of uncommon largeness, scope, effect, or grandeur

Lofty or grandiose goals may be daunting to chase after first, so it is important to begin with a good plan.

Bravado (n) – blustering swaggering conduct

Putting on a bravado about spicy food is usually accompanied by a fragile ego as well as a burnt tongue.

Thimblerig (v) – to cheat by trickery

To say that major lending firms thimblerigged the housing market truly minimizes their actions in destabilizing the economy.

Vanward (adj) – located in the vanguard

Vanward soldiers have the most difficult position to maintain in battle as they are the first to meet the enemy.


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