Academic Posts – Intro (Week 0)

In my Friday posts I would like to have read either an article from an academic journal, textbook or news report focusing on the topic of that week. Today, I will be detailing the format for these weekly posts that I can be satisfied in knowing that I both have taken careful efforts to have understood the material well enough to summarize it in a concise and clear manner. For my textbook readings, I have chosen two intro books that I had used in my college classes that I wanted to revisit in hopes that by starting from the foundations of a field I can better prepare myself to understand and contextualize deeper studies. On the Linguistics side, I have Language: Its Structure and Use 6th Edition by Edward Finegan, and on the Mathematics Side, An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning: Numbers, Sets and Functions by Peter J. Eccles. It is my goal to cover roughly a chapter for each weekly post.

I want to rotate with these two topics to start and hopefully, if I become more regular with this than I can move to having weekly posts for each of them, but baby steps in the meanwhile. I do however want to make a small preview for next week’s post starting with Linguistics. What I really like about this text is that each chapter presents some thoughts to consider before diving into the chapter. The first chapter is titled “Languages and Linguistics.” I hope anyone who reads this can get a somewhat higher level Cliff Note’s version of understanding of the material.

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